Reality TV Shows Facilitate Wedding Ceremonies

Almost every channel in Indian Television these days is hosting TV Shows about wedding ceremonies, popularizing the concept of finding a life partner through the virtual world of TV. So the topic of discussion is, “Are these things for real? Do these marriages work?”

We certainly don’t know but one thing is for sure and that is, these TV shows provide entertainment and thus erupts a new spirit of hope for marriages among youngsters these days who seem to just turn away from the name of Marriage and Commitment.

In these days of live-in-relationships Marriages have somewhat lost its meaning and importance and these Indian TV shows are trying their best to restore the true importance of weddings and they are even becoming popular with high TRPS. So who cares about whether they are realistic or not? As long as it is having a positive effect and the people are fine with it, everything’s ok.

When people see a happy couple gazing into each others eyes dreamily in realistic TV shows, a hope evolves among all of us. KBC help line number We think, If they can, why not us? And thus the negative thoughts about marriage diminishes and all of us, public -The common people put a step forward and tries to understand this modern concept of wedding.

But the real question is -Do these perfect couples stay perfect off screen too or does their love vanish the moment they set their foot outside the virtual world? May be problems do arise but then where does problem not arise? Even in normal day today relationships misunderstandings arise so it’s quite normal if problems do occur between these couples. So one should accept it as a very new concept and we can expect these shows in regional languages also, for e.g. Matrimonial shows for Bengali Bride and Bengali Groom.

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