Learning How to Teach a Puppy to Heel? Learn These Steps!

As you start to train your dog, look into learning a little more about how to teach a puppy to heel. This helps when bringing a new puppy into your home. This of course should start with the “come” command, once that is established, you can move on with the “heel” command. Learning how to teach a puppy to heel will save you some time. This is especially crucial during those walks through town when you want the dog to behave himself. Learning how to teach a puppy to heel comes into play when trying to stop confrontation during a walk. When seeing 1st how to teach a puppy to heel, it’s vital to stand with the dog side by side. Copper kettle┬áThe dog should be by your left side and you should have an absolutely yummy treat in your hand, away from where the dog is able to reach it of course.

Remember to show the dog much eye contact when saying his name. Increase the number amount of steps once he progresses a bit further. I believe that it’s important to do this when learning how to teach a puppy to heel. The dog needs to move with you by doing this… He is successfully showing you his progress in this quest to learn how to teach a puppy to heel. Be sure to celebrate with your dog and give him an extra special treat. Repeating this a lot. The dog will start to take up an interest in it. Say his name and continually build up that association to the “heel” command. For more on how to teach dog to heel and much more, feel free to check out a free dog training lesson video in the link below and I hope it helps you out a lot.

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