Different Rights Available for LGBT Communities in France

In olden days, sexual activities within same-sex were considered a crime and even death punishment was awarded for the same. However, after French revolution, all these laws were repealed.

There was another law that mostly targeted all homosexual people was for indecent exposure that was introduced during the year 1960. However, after 20 years that law too was repealed.

After 1982, during the time when Fran├žois Mitterrand was the president of France, same sex partnership was also legalized and France became one of the 13 countries in the world to permit same sex marriage in France in the year 2013.

Also, France was the first country of the world, where Trans people were not considered as mentally ill people. After 2017, all the transgender people even stopped undergoing any surgery or taking medicines.

France is considered to be one of the friendliest countries of the world towards LGBT community. After the poll taken, it was found that 77 per cent people of the France, which is highest in the world, believed that society must accept homosexuality.

Paris is considered to be one of the leading gay-friendly countries of the world and therefore you can find plenty of LGBT communities are very active in sex trade or escort service in Paris.

Following are few different rights for LGBT community in France:

  1. Sodomy laws

Sodomy was considered to be a serious crime before the French revolution, even during second world war, Nazis had prosecuted people in the concentration camp. Today, it does not exist.

  1. Higher age consent

The legal age for giving consent for sex was 21 in France which has been lowered to 15 and is also applicable for LGBT community.

  1. Indecent exposure

Any indecent exposure by homosexuals were considered as crime in the France and now new law has been enacted where such acts are not considered as crime.

  1. Same sex relationships

Same sex relationships have been legalized in the France and not only they are allowed to do sex but also can get married like normal couple.

  1. Child adoption

LGBT communities are also allowed to adopt children and ever since the technology is available to have children among same sex, LGBT community can also have their own family.

  1. Protection against discrimination

No sexual discrimination is permitted in the France for LGBT community.

  1. Discrimination in school

No discrimination is allowed for LGBT community to get admission to school and also get their children admitted to any school.

  1. Gender identity

People who are transgender have full permission for changing their gender identity without undergoing any surgery and they are allowed to alter their gender that was assigned during their birth legally.

  1. Intersex rights

President of France, Fran├žois Hollande, in 2017 permitted medical interventions for making the children bodies of intersex male or female, because increasingly they are considered for mutilations

  1. Military service

People of LGBT community can join in French Armed Forces openly without any discrimination.

  1. Blood donation

LGBT community can now participate in blood donation which was banned earlier.

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