5 Essential Spiderman Birthday Party Supplies

Spiderman birthday party supplies will help make your child’s party the envy of the neighborhood. By choosing a good mix of items at different price points, you will be able to please the guest of honor as well as your budget. But with so many different types of items to choose from, what will get the most bang for your buck? Read on to see what I recommend as fan and creative person.

In my opinion, no party is complete without a pinata. This traditional Mexican party accessory can be easily made and is a great project to work on with your child. Alternatively, you can buy a pinata in party stores or online. Spiderman Simply fill the pinata full of candy, hang it on a clothesline and watch the kids have a blast!

Spiderman party games are another must have item. A plethora of items are available online, or you can use some imagination and set up your own games. Children love to use their own imagination, so a can of silly string can easily be looked at as Spiderman’s web blaster. Set up some small targets, such as plastic spiders, and let your guests take turns at knocking them down for the most points. Modify a game of tag and you have a fun activity that will also burn up some energy.

Speaking of energy, one of the most essential Spiderman birthday party supplies is a Spiderman cake. You can buy or make your own tinted icing and, depending on your artistic ability, make your own Spiderman designed cake. A simple example would be a round red velvet cake with red icing and dark blue used to make Spiderman’s mask.

Decorations are another must have, and are widely available in party stores or online. If you’re crafty, you can use your computer to make your own but be aware that you will use ink very quickly this way. One of the cheapest and most effective Spiderman birthday party supplies is cotton spider webbing used around Halloween. Stretch this around the party area and place a few plastic spiders for added effect.

Finally, party favors help your guests take the fun of the party home with them. Check local dollar stores or look on sites like Amazon.com for easy and inexpensive solutions. If you’d like to add a personal touch, scan a class picture of the party guests and use a program like Photoshop to put each guests’ head on Spiderman’s body. Have a digital camera handy for students who might not have appeared in the class photo. Print out and include in the goodie bags for a truly neat and unique souvenir.

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