10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Thailand

Did you know that Thai people have four square meals a day? That every Thai male is expected to become a monk for a short period in his life? And that the world’s biggest Chinatown is located in Bangkok? These are just some facts that make Thailand an interesting and entertaining destination.

It’s no surprise that Thailand is one of the most visited countries by backpackers and Independent travelers. Everything from the stunning beaches on Southern Islands and beautiful landscapes on the North, to the rich culture found all throughout the country, lures you into experimenting what this country has to offer. Oh, and lets not forget the never-ending wild parties. But as in any other city, there are some facts you would like to know before going there to help you understand things, adhere more easily, or just avoid if possible. So, here are the things I wish I knew before going to Thailand…

* The head is considered the most sacred part of the body and the feet the least. Never touch anyone in the head and never point at anything with your feet. Both acts are considered disrespectful. Also, try doing everything, Things I wish i knew including any type of interaction with a local, with your right hand (i.e. paying for your food, handing something, waving, etc.). Using the left hand is considered disrespectful because Thai people use it as the bathroom hand. Although they tolerate the use of the left hand among tourists. I’m left handed and I had no problem there.

* Scammers are all around Bangkok. In fact, it’s a well developed network that has been around for decades. Don’t buy any type of jewelry that is “promoted” by anyone on the streets, and don’t believe in the “one week only sale at huge discounts… ending today” selling phrase. That’s their way of putting some pressure on you to convince you into buying jewelry at “exclusive” prices. These scams are usually done by tuk-tuk drivers and some local aides (and even foreigners) that catch any unsuspecting tourist by offering some sightseeing “advice”. After the “advice” they offer you an all-day special tuk-tuk ride for 10 Baht (which is true), but after some quick sightseeing they take you to some jewelry and “fashion” stores where the driver will earn a commission whether you buy something or not. The stores might look authentic, but the jewelry is fake.

* Thailand’s health care system is considered one of the best in the world. Don’t be afraid to use it, if necessary.

* Know that tuk-tuk’s will try to overcharge you at first. Negotiate and settle the price for your ride right before hopping in.

* It’s good to be up to date on Thailand’s current political status. Local politics are unstable and the panorama can change at any moment. It’s always good to have a plan “B” (another Thai province or bordering country). Just in case…

* Wearing sandals/flip-flops most of the time is very convenient. You will be taking them off constantly as you visit the temples or sacred places, and as you hop on and off of the long tail boats.

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